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Owen Berry - Form II

Form II by Owen Berry Mixed media on panel Framed size - 37x46.5cm About the Artist Owen Berry is a contemporary artist based in Suffolk, UK. Having graduated in 3D Arts and Crafts, he now owns his own long established Art Gallery, selling both local and international artwork. ​ His work comprises of three different fields: Contemporary Abstract, Mixed Media Collage, and landscapes in oil. His abstract work consists of mixed media materials on canvas, exploring personal experience, attitudes and emotions. Marks are made with bold movement and conviction with the intention of creating work which is an extension of the artists personality and mental state. Colour and form is achieved with extensive contemplation and informed decisions between layers. He also works on a series called 'Spaces' which is a far more structured way of working creating form and compositions using texture medium and acrylic on panel. ​ His collage work is based on the interaction between humans and the environment. Using antique book engravings he creates geometric works which bring together modern shapes and patterns alongside traditional images and gold leaf. His 'Endangered Editions' collection explores the way in which humans have destroyed habitat and populations leaving certain species either endangered or extinct. ​ Having been framing for all of his adult life it is only right that all his works are bespoke framed to the very highest standard.