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Jone Hopper - Give me Yellow SOLD

Fantastic Limited Edition Number 1 of 100. Framed in an ash mounting with white wooden frame. Fully certificated ‘Jone Hopper made his "classes" in the streets through an emerging movement at this time, graffiti. He tags his name on the streets, on walls and on trains. Enigmatic, discreet, cultivating secrecy, the artist still remains faithful to the spirit of graffiti today and wishes to remain anonymous, considering that it is the work that must be highlighted and not the character. He compares his painting to a piece of Hip Hop, he acts like a sampler ... swabs, cuts, assembles and thus creates new images. He composes canvas, brings together several universes, as others recompose new pieces with small loops of music borrowed from jazz, classical music, funk etc ... His works are a bridge between the artistic movements "classic", "modern" and "contemporary" and thus translates a thought, a nod to many of his predecessors whom he admires. "’ -