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Chris Newson - Alone on the Beach

Oil on canvas framed by the artist. External size 49x39cm ‘We first met Chris a number of years ago having been introduced to his work by a local collector. Chris has become a good friend and we are thrilled to be showing his work. Art does not come any more raw than this. I personally do not know another artist who paints in such a way. His painting is almost an extension not just of his body but of his mind and soul. This leads to truly unique work which cannot be recreated no matter how hard you tried. He is a one off and I would consider his work up there with some of the greatest painters in Suffolk. He is a firm favourite of Maggi Hambling who has been an advocate and a collector of his work for a number of years. I am also a collector of his work, having bought numerous pieces which I absolutely adore and could never part with. I would emplore all collectors to consider adding his work to their walls. I have lived with some of his work for years and I still see new things in them all the time. To say he paints with thick oil paint would be an understatement. Some of his paintings will not be dry for years, even decades. They are dry to the touch but because oil paint needs air to dry the internal paint will remain unchanged from the tube. I also paint in oil and I honestly have no idea how he creates some of the textures he does. As you can tell, I am a major fan of Chris. His work may divide opinion, but dosn’t all the best art in the world? Owen - Owner, MF Gallery